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Technology Investor Service

Wearable Product Accelerator

Pragmatic roadmapping, comprehensive costing projections and strategic planning are inherent in our product development services. Plan your path towards investment readiness and garnering investor confidence.

Technology Strategy

In-depth technical strategies and thorough exploration to uncover solutions beyond AI's reach, providing an exhaustive technical roadmap and risk evaluation. Solving your intricate technical hurdles is our forte.

Feasibility Prototype

By validating ideas, managing budgets, and achieving rapid progress through incremental leaps, we strategically advance the development of your product to provide tangible results, one step at a time.

CTO Service

Empowering founders and serving as the technical force during crucial moments. Our team commits to elevating your idea towards success with diligent and dependable expertise.

Investment Preparation & Due Diligence

Why choose investment in a hardware venture? We understand your concerns. As seasoned founders and innovators ourselves, we possess the acumen to direct your investment towards selecting the most promising winners.


"The smartest product
in the market. The smartest product in the market. The smartest product 
in the market"

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