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How it works

The Wearable Accelerator process has been refined over a decade and has been used to help many teams looking to plan their journey and deliver investment into their business to deliver their product from idea to mass production.


Our process has its root in 'Agile for Hardware'.  We work fast to deliver you the answers you need. Our three stage process can be completed within 2-4 weeks and so if you are gearing up for in investment, or seeking to plan for the future, we are here to meet you, understand your vision and enable traction.

Step 1 - Curated Workshop Sessions

We run two tried and tested Wearable Product Accelerator workshop sessions (usually AM and PM of the same day).

Session 1 is focused on the user and product fit

Session 2 is about setting out the future plan, scoping and requirements gathering


We will curate the sessions, but allow much flexibility for you and your team to engage and express the broad facets of the proposition, including:

  • Your vision

  • Your users (actual or target)

  • The product concept

  • The aspirational milestones

  • The current development status

  • The current funding and business situation

Step 2 - Bespoke Roadmap and Plan of Action

We develop a bespoke, tailored and detailed set of data for your product. Using outputs from the sessions to shape our analysis, we will complete a fully detailed roadmap for development, including:

  • The development stages required to reduce risks and show precise progress

  • Cost estimates for each stage, allowing pragmatic investor discussions

  • Costing estimates of the eventual physical units you plan to produce

  • A detailed timeline for both development stages and investment milestones

  • Risk identification and assessment with suggested mitigations and options


With a 'short', 'medium' and 'long' term view, we apply our proprietary tools to give increasingly high resolution of the immediate plan and budget estimation for the long term planning. This means you can both ask investors for very clear numbers and give assurance that the plan stacks up.

Step 3 - Reporting and Collaterals

We prepare the detailed report and investor friendly collaterals to support your team. We are also often asked to provide specific feedback to investor questions after the process is complete, which is all part of the service.


The reporting pack contains:

  • Product context and outline

  • Session findings and key points

  • Our recommendations:

    • Full development plan

    • Stages and descriptions

    • Breakdown of development work at each stage

    • Key outcomes and milestones for each development stage

    • Costing plan, including tables of data

    • Expected breakdown of costs across hardware, software and data

    • Mass production unit cost estimates

    • Mass production tooling cost estimates

  • Data visualisations for use in presentations



Our pricing is very simple and there are no hidden costs. We work with a global client base and the prices below cover three of the main currencies. If you'd like a quote in another currency, please just ask.


We also want to support innovation across borders, so if you think these prices are going to be too tough to meet, please let us know about your circumstances and maybe we can help support your project.

We want to address the gender gap across the economy and support more women getting into tech. All Female Founders also get a 10% discount

For a Limited period we are offering a 'pay as you value' model.


For those wanting to work with us in 2023, you can pay 50% upfront and then pay as much or as little as you feel represents the value we have delivered with the service !!

Self Funded




Post Seed





We would love for you to recommend us to your tech friends. If you do, there is a reward for you personally! We will pay a referral fee of £750 directly to you if we are commissioned from a referral. No fuss.


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