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Welcome to the Wearable Product Accelerator !

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Ten years in the making and now, after collaborations and relationships with 100’s of companies, the Wearable Product Accelerator is born!

We help take great product ideas and turn them into investible businesses and help incredible entrepreneurs tell the convincing story of how they plan to deliver impact.

Our team comprises technical experts with decades of experience, investor and ecosystem teams with general and niche knowledge. We leverage our deep tech experience, as well as a suit of in-house tools to assess, model and predict your journey. Businesses love it, investors love it!

Today marks the formal launch of the new website to support the Wearable Product Accelerator and we would love your feedback and also offers of collaboration and join initiatives. We are here to help and support purpose focused, tech for good teams make a positive change. Please do reach out and say hi!


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