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Empowering wearable technology

Welcome to the Wearable Product Accelerator

Empowering wearable technology founders and companies through roadmapping, costing, risk assessment and staged development planning.


Whether you are developing a first product, refining an existing offer, or seeking investment, our Wearable Product Accelerator process is designed for rapid, cost effective results.

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Our History

Established in 2021, Wearable Product Accelerator leverages decades of collective expertise of healthcare, wearable technology, product development, digital solutions and data analytics.


Our team has been at the heart of many successful product development life cycles across various form factors and product sectors. Working with founders, technical teams and investors is in our DNA.

Our Expertise

We know about building compelling health technology products. From electronics to laser sintering, from firmware to fashion-ware to human factors, we excel when empowered to be your technology partner.


As well as the deep technical expertise, we are also excel in planning and strategic thinking. Roadmapping and a deep understanding of investor needs make us the partner for growing, physical device companies who need that expertise.

Our Vision

We live and breathe impactful innovation and we are committed to effect positive change on a global scale through our work. Central to our ethos is prioritisation of both societal welfare and environmental sustainability.


Financial gain, while important, is a byproduct of our exceptional proficiency, not a means to an end. Working with like-minded businesses, who benefit from our proficiency is what get's us up each day.


We are completely focused on giving you better knowledge of the development steps, likely costs and potential technical risks of developing a data and software enabled, physical product.


The Wearable Product Accelerator is built on our knowledge and experience of working with hundreds of early stage teams and understanding what works and what does not.


“As a seasoned investor, I know how complex and risky technology startups can be. Having the systematic analysis of all the driving factors allowed us to make better investment decisions and for the teams we are investing in to know more about what’s coming.”

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Get in touch

To learn more about how we provide roadmapping, costing and risk analysis through the Wearable Product Accelerator, please fill out the form below and let’s talk.

Thank you for reaching out. The team will be in touch soon

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