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Collaborating with homeless communities

Roehampton University's academic team, led by Dr. Melissa Jogie, embarked on their mission: to understand the daily patterns and lived experiences of those navigating the challenges of life on the streets, particularly in the area of Sutton, South London. Driven by a goal to foster vital interactions between the homeless population and charitable organisations by observing movement patterns, aiming to leverage anonymised data for engagement between the population and support services. 

To address the technical project specifications, Thunderbolt conducted an in-depth Technology Strategy. We not only identified suitable technology solutions but also ensured seamless testing and roll-out blueprint. Delivering a suite of purpose-built devices and supporting infrastructure, assembled from existing components to accelerate deployment and cost-effective trial execution. 

Our collaboration has resulted in a successful six-month trial which is still ongoing on the field to yield actionable insights that aim to reshape homeless support strategies. This partnership highlights when academia, technology, and community unite to address critical societal challenges there is transformative progress. 

Technology Strategy

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Theo Health

Revolutionising sports performance


At the forefront of the revolutionary realm of sports performance is Theo Health, a cutting-edge performance and coaching platform, co-founded by former professional athlete Jodie Sinclair. With an in-depth understanding of the transformative potential in sports science, Theo Health is committed to pushing boundaries. Their approach involves precise body measurements and tailored training and recovery guidance. While heart rate monitors once prevailed, the landscape has evolved to include wearable and non-wearable bio signal monitoring, driving the science of sport to new heights.

For years, Thunderbolt has been a key partner for Theo Health, actively supporting their journey. Starting with the Wearable Product Accelerator process, our collaboration has homed in on a detailed Technology Strategy aimed at delivering the specific monitoring outcomes that Theo Health seeks. As part of the journey, we've constructed their laboratory and product technologies to support global data collection and productisation endeavours.

Together, we are catalysing advancements in sports performance, poised to impact athletes worldwide.

Wearable Product Accelerator, Technology Strategy, Feasibility Prototype



Innovation in stress management


Thunderbolt's founder, Jacob Skinner, played a vital role as a co-founder of BioSelf Technology Ltd in the UK (now owned by Sensate Inc). Over 8 years both teams have built a close collaboration, fundamental in product development and market deployment of the wearable amid the global stress and anxiety pandemic. From the earliest prototypes to the latest cutting-edge devices and embedded firmware, our partnership has been a cornerstone of innovation.

As part of the seed investment team, Jacob provided strategic planning, technical qualification, budgets, and investment support for Sensate's growth and global reach. Thunderbolt's ongoing collaboration includes device updates, bug fixes, and innovative projects, nurturing new intellectual property prospects.

Thunderbolt and Sensate's journey aims to have a significant impact on individuals' well-being in an increasingly stressed world.

CTO Service, Investment Preparation

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NHE Health

Revolutionising wellness with innovative healthtech

New Heights Energy Health, a Michigan-based US Health-tech company with a core objective to revolutionise therapeutic treatment by offering convenient, on-the-go solutions through their patented wrist-based device. Trent English's deep sector expertise led to a unique non-invasive wellness solution that promotes relaxation and calming effects, challenging the conventional notion of pharmaceuticals in wellness.

Our team has been a trusted partner in NHE's journey since the start, playing a pivotal role in successfully preparing a Concept Prototype to demonstrate the functionality and feasibility of the system. NHE is now preparing for a crowdfunding launch for 2023, while Thunderbolt continuously develops and refines the product. Jacob has since joined the Board of NHE, providing invaluable Chief Technology Officer (CTO) support from roadmap development, strategic planning and ensuring the feasibility of Trent's visionary concept.

Through crowdfunding in 2023 we envision turning our goal into reality and transforming the way people perceive and approach their well-being.

Wearable Product Accelerator, CTO Service, Investment Preparation


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